Skill Matrices is equally adept at permanent or short-term staffing and recruitment services.

Flexible Staffing

We understand the concerns on flexibility of employment and associated risks and have established business processes, that offers flexible and cost-effective solutions and address the headcount needs and limitations squarely.

Specialist Staffing

In an increasingly competitive world, there are niche areas where only a chosen few can work; moreover, Clients need certain professionals only for a fixed period of time for specific projects or to carry out job that is highly niche. Skill Matrices by virtue of its professional image is able to employ such specialists on short-term and deploy them at Clients` work place for the period of time that suits their needs.

Permanent Staffing

Skill Matrices has a history of staffing permanent employees at its clients who now turned out to be the pillars of the Clients and have been performing exceedingly well and climbing the corporate ladder in short spans of careers by delivering quality services surpassing all expectations.